Bespoke Systems Development

INFOHUB have developed information systems integrating third-party data acquisition systems with in-house data processing and a broad range of information delivery channels (web, wap, text, voice). Based on this experience we offer a complete systems development service in traffic, transport and environment sectors.

Our specific expertise in human-centred uncertain information processing has led to extensive international contacts and research collaboration with organisations in Europe, North America and Japan. Leading contributions from our staff to the development of the field of Granular Computing have opened a new perspective on engineering systems development that integrates social, environmental and commercial aspects.


INFOHUB offers a range of consultancy services for commercial and governmental organisations. Our team can assist at all stages of system development from requirements specification through to implementation, validation and testing of system solutions. Our extensive experience with academic supervision of a broad portfolio of projects ensures methodical adherence to software industry standards and it removes from our clients a considerable burden of formalising description of existing and planned information systems.