The Team

Dr Andrzej Bargiela

Director and CEO, is professor of Computer Science with research track record in the general area of Computational Intelligence. His expertise can be grouped under six complementary headings: Foundations of Granular Computing, Human-centred information processing, Fuzzy Sets and Systems, Parallel and Distributed computing, Neural computation and Modelling/Simulation/Optimisation of systems with structural and information uncertainties.

In addition to his professorial appointment in the UK he held Visiting Professorships in Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Finland, Italy and Poland.

Publications include:
  • Granular Computing - An Introduction, 2003, Springer, ISBN 978-1-4615-1033-8
  • Human-centric information processing through granular modeling, 2009, Springer, ISBN 978-3-540-92916-1
  • Introduction to Fuzzy Logic, AI and Neurocomputing in Computational Intelligence, 2005, SOFT, (in English, Japanese and Chinese), ISBN4-903182-00-2
  • Seminal contributions to Modelling and Simulation, 2016, Springer, ISBN 978-3-319-33786-9

Supporting Team

Technical work of the company is overseen by a Director and Chief Technical Officer who is a specialist in wireless, mobile and pervasive computing.

InfoHub is supported by a flexible team od front and backend developers, researchers, project managers and administration support staff as required to deliver the portfolio of work. The team works in partnership with Universities and other institutions offering insight and research in this sector.