TripTimes - Your Mobile Timetable

Client: Nottingham City Council (NCC) and Nottingham City Transport

Problem: Planning of journeys on NCT buses and delivering information to registered users via text messaging, web-page and NCT kiosks.

Solution: The Nottingham City Transport established that the key to the increased take-up of public transport was to provide accurate, on-the-go information about their services. TripTimes has addressed this challenge by processing both timetabled and real-time bus data and calculating information about travelling options taking into account individual preferences for walking and waiting when connecting between services. The results were delivered to the users as a text message or as a web-page on their smartphones, home computer or a public information kiosk.

Result: The TripTimes software was deployed in Nottingham and it won the “2006 UK Bus Industry Award for Enterprise” for the Nottingham City Council.

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