ATTAIN - Travel Information System

Client:Local Authorities

Problem: Delivering timely and accurate information about public transport options to travelling public.

Solution: ATTAIN is a journey planning software designed for ease of customization to suit the requirements of different clients. Currently supported features are:

  • specification of journeys using NaPTAN codes, street names, landmarks and places of interest
  • support for registration of user preferences (fastest journey time, shortest walking distance. etc)
  • specification of either departure or arrival time
  • specification of alternative travel times/dates
  • delivery of the journey plan as an SMS message or as a web-page
  • provision of alternative journey planbs (reflecting user preferences)
  • information about the total journey time, total walking distance and the interchanges
  • graphics illustration of all journey plans using customized maps
  • touch-screen interface to a kiosk-based inplementation of the ATTAIN system with graphics navigation and variable amount of geographical detail depending on zoom level

Result: A customized version of the ATTAIN system was implemented as TripTimes for the Nottingham City Council and the Nottingham City Transport.

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